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標題: A teen [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1oqr    時間: 2018-2-13 16:55     標題: A teen

A teen, who, was under the influence of alcohol when he struck and killed a 76-year-old pensioner has been charged.Alvin Douglas,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, 19, a married father of a six-month-old child and of Lot 147 No 54Village,, Corentyne,holesale Soccer Jerseys, Berbice, appeared on Wednesday before Magistrate Rhonel Weaver at the No 51 Magistrate’s Court to face two charges.On Sunday last at No 68 Village,Nike NFL Jerseys China, he allegedly drove motor car PMM 7254 in a manner dangerous to the public thus causing the death of Deowraj Doodnauth, 76-year-old pensioner of Lot 165B No. 68 Village, Corentyne.Douglas who told the court that he is a Security Supervisor attached to the Regional Administration,Off White Nike Vapormax Release Date, is also charged with driving the said motor car when his blood alcohol level was way above the limit. He pleaded not guilty and was placed on $500,000 bail on the causing death charge and $10,000 on the DUI offence.Doodnauth, called Daniel,Andre Branch Dolphins Jersey, who had celebrated his birthday the day before, was cycling on the village public road around 16:30hrs when he was struck by the speeding car.  He had gone to the shop to purchase a few items to celebrate his birthday with his children and grandchildren.The man was hurled several feet into the air and landed some distance away whilst his bicycle got stuck to the car.  Doodnauth was picked up and rushed to the Skeldon Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.The driver continued driving for a while slamming into two culverts before the car came to a halt. The driver tried to escape, but was held by residents until police arrived.In his plea for bail, Defence Attorney Ramesh Rajkumar told the court that the offence is a bailable one. He also stated that it was the first time that his client has been placed before the court. He said that his client has been in custody since Sunday and has been cooperating with the police ever since.Prosecutor Corporal Althea Solomon had no objection to bail, but asked that it be substantial.  The Magistrate in granting bail ordered that the accused report to the Springlands Police Station every Friday. He told the court that he is not the holder of a passport.The matter has been transferred to the Springlands Magistrate’s Court for the 11th December.

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