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作者: yueyrt1oqr    時間: 2018-2-13 19:58     標題: Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Dr. Renard Overton

Dozens of day-old baby chicks were yesterday dumped outside of Le Repentir Cemetery and veterinarians are trying to determine whether the chicks are infected with any disease.This newspaper was told that veterinarians at the Ministry of Agriculture have taken samples to be tested while officers are trying to trace the person(s) who might have dumped the chicks. Yesterday afternoon,Air Max 95 Black Leather, Dr. Renard Overton,Air Max 97 Black Leather, of the Ministry’s diagnostic lab was at the site after reports surfaced.Not all of the chicks were dead and drug addicts and scavengers took advantage to single out the suspected infected chicks for resale on the streets.An official from the Ministry of Agriculture told Kaieteur News last evening that the veterinarians are first trying to determine if the chicks were vaccinated.The official said that recently the Ministry received reports that many persons had been turning up at hatcheries and requesting that they be sold the chicks without vaccines.According to the official,Nike Air Max 97 Buy, the chicks are sold at a cheaper rate without the vaccine but what persons do not realize is that there will be a higher mortality rate.

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