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The Environmental Protection Agency has said that the hike in the salary of Director Kemraj Parsram was justified. In a letter sent to Kaieteur News yesterday the agency said that “Mr. Kemraj Parsram,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, a young professional with significant experience in Natural Resources Management,cheap jerseys from china, across the Wider Caribbean,Jerseys Wholesale, and internationally,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, was appointed Director of the Compliance and Enforcement Division at the EPA on June 1 2013. Mr. Parsram’s appointment and subsequent execution of his duties has since boosted the Agency’s work.”Mr Parsram up to December 2014 was receiving a monthly salary of $300,Wholesale China Jerseys,999. A letter from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment to the EPA said that the Public Service Ministry had approved the hike in salary to $501,665 per month.Yesterday the EPA said, “In January 2014 the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MNRE) embarked upon a Litter Prevention programme following the passage of new Litter Prevention Regulations. Mr. Parsram was tasked with developing and implementing this additional programme, as well as the Pick-it-up Guyana Campaign,China Cheap Jerseys, that was being implemented by the MNRE since 2012. The salary increase referred to in the article is no “special boon”. Mr. Parsram’s terms of reference was (sic) amended to reflect his additional responsibilities for implementing these two programmes as of March 2014.”The EPA said that Mr. Parsram’s salary was adjusted to reflect that, commensurate with his additional duties.None of the other Directors has enjoyed a salary increase. And the EPA did not address the payment of $70,000 per month to Parmanand Persaud as an addition to the salary he receives from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment.Neither did it address the payment of $53,000 a month to Anil Ramlall

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