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作者: yueyrt1oqr    時間: 2018-3-13 22:55     標題: China Jerseys Wholesale and secretaries to the various committees

President Bharrat Jagdeo received the overwhelming majority of the votes cast at the 29th Congress of the People’s Progressive Party,Wholesale Jerseys, with former President Janet Jagan and Minister of Culture Youth and Sports,China Jerseys Wholesale, Dr Frank Anthony,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, securing the second and third largest blocks of votes.The elections were held to decide the new batch of 35 members to the Central   Committee as well as five Candidate Members.A total of 913 votes were cast from a list of 1020 delegates.The newly elected members of the new Central Committee will elect a new Executive Committee for the party at its first meeting,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, and secretaries to the various committees,Nike NFL Jerseys China, including a General Secretary. 1. Bharrat Jagdeo                             7772. Janet Jagan                                  6713. Frank Anthony                            6584. Donald Ramotar                          6375. Moses Nagamootoo                    5956. Roger Luncheon                          5887. Navin Chadarpal                          5828. Gail Teixeira                                5589. Robert Persaud                            54210. Indra Chandarpal                       52411. Clement Rohee                          50712. Clinton Collymore                     47213. Komal Chand                             44914. Ganga Persaud                           44515. Hydar Ally                                  44316. Mustapha Zulfikar                      43717. Anil Nandlall                              43618. Ali Baksh                                    43019. Bheri Ramsarran                         39320. Irfan Ali                                      38021. Jaffar Ali                                     37522. Ralph Ramkarran                        37423. Haripersaud Nokta                     37024. Ulric Ramanah                            36325. Neil Kumar                                 36226. Jennifer Westford                       36027. Cyril Belgrave                             33228. Dharamkumar Seeraj                  33229. Kellawan Lall                              32430. Pauline Sukhai                            30931. Reepu Daman Persaud                30032. Moti Lall                                     28633. Harrinarine Baldeo                      27034. Mitra Devi Ali                             25135. Shirley Edwards                          246 CANDIDATE MEMBERS 1. Bijulee Moti                                 2022. Anuppattie Veeren                      1843. Majeed Hussain                          1814. Ramdat Ramlakhan                     1745. Chandilall Seechanlall                 173

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