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Key Bible texts explaining the meaning of what many people refer to as the end of the world will be discussed in the Witnesses’ upcoming three-day “Keep on the Watch!” district convention.Jehovah’s Witnesses are active in 236 lands and are best known for their house-to-house preaching activity and the distribution of the Awake and Watchtower magazines.In a press release, the Witnesses say that as a result of their Bible research,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, they anticipate global changes in the very near future and this will be discussed at the annual convention which begins this Friday at the National Park.Many people have different views about the end of the world, but Witnesses feel that what the Bible teaches on the matter is enlightening, sobering,Jerseys NFL Cheap, and meaningful. Programme parts throughout the three-day event will highlight an analytical and reasonable—as opposed to fanatical—approach to that subject.The opening part on Friday morning will deal with the subject “Why Must We ‘Keep on the Watch’?” The morning session will end with the keynote address, “How Jehovah Helps Us to ‘Keep on the Watch.On Friday afternoon, a large portion of the programme will focus on families. Because Witnesses believe that families need to be prepared spiritually in order to face the future with confidence, three of the programme parts will directly address family members: husbands, wives,NFL Jerseys China, and young ones.The session will conclude by focusing on why the phrase “keep strict watch,” found in the Bible at Ephesians 5:15, should have significant meaning to all desiring to be truly successful in life.Saturday’s programme will highlight the dangers of indifference and apathy regarding the upcoming world events foretold in the Bible. This point will be especially emphasised on Saturday morning, when local residents who studied these and other Bible topics in detail will publicly symbolize their dedication to God during a baptism ceremony. This ordination of new ministers will include a discussion of what it means to “keep your senses” and “be watchful,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping,” in harmony with the passage at 1 Peter 5:8.On Sunday morning,Cheap Jerseys Supply, the ‘public discourse, entitled “How Can You Survive the End of the World?” will contrast popular views with the Bible’s definition of the end of the world. The presentation will draw attention to Biblical instructions showing how one can be among the survivors. A special feature on Sunday afternoon will be the touching modern-day drama,NFL Jerseys From China, “Your Brother Was Dead and Came to Life,” based on Jesus’s parable of the prodigal son.Jehovah’s Witnesses invite all to attend and learn more about these topics.

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