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標題: Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Youth and Sport Dr Frank Anthony stated yesterday [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1oqr    時間: 4 天前 20:29     標題: Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Youth and Sport Dr Frank Anthony stated yesterday

The maximum amount of money government is spending on Mashramani 2009 is $40M, Minister of Culture,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, Youth and Sport Dr Frank Anthony stated yesterday,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, even as he faces pocket-tight businessmen unwilling to dole out the usual millions for events associated with the occasion.The government’s spending on Mashramani is between $30-40 million, Dr Anthony revealed, but this amount seems meagre given that Mashramani is the country’s largest national festival and lacks innovation to reach to the heights of Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival.However,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, the Minister is still hoping that businesses which have been reluctant to come onboard will do so at the last minute. He is counting on the fact that with about 75, 000 persons expected to view the costume and float parade, businesses will see it as an opportunity to market their products. At a press conference yesterday, he downplayed the lack of corporate interest in Mashramani, and was all too happy to have entertainment group Hits and Jams by his side.Hits and Jams is one of the few private entities investing heavily in Mashramani. Most of the others participating are government ministries and other government entities.Hits and Jams Entertainment is planning to have a 500-strong contingent of revelers on the streets of the capital city on February 23 for the celebrations which mark the country’s 39th Republic anniversary.Minister Anthony hailed Hits and Jams’ collaboration with construction giant BK International and the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company.Noted designer Olympia Small-Sonaram is designing Hits and Jams’ costumes for the parade.Apart from their involvement in the Georgetown street revelry, Hits and Jams is putting on a mega concert on the evening of February 23 featuring R&B and Hip Hop singer T-Pain along with dancehall singer Serani.The concert is billed for the GCC Ground, Bourda,NFL Jerseys Outlet, even as the organizers are still trying to find a way to pacify neighbours who complain whenever shows of this nature are planned for the venue.Dr Anthony describes the concert itself as an innovation, given that the music often associated with Mashramani is soca and calypso. While Mashramani is touted as a national event,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, Dr Anthony was quick to offer his support to Hits and Jams even though he said the event will appeal to a “specific audience”.The Minister needs all the support he can get at this time, as sponsors and companies are not so eager to participate in Mashramani. He said one of the event’s biggest sponsors pulled out just two weeks ago.This is despite the fact that he wants to see a broader spectrum of events associated with Mashramani and he was clear that without public and corporate support the event would be stagnated.The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company is sponsoring the masquerade band competition, while Republic Bank is sponsoring the steelband competition.  Banks DIH Limited and Digicel have offered their support for the calypso competition, while Ansa McAl has thrown its weight behind the soca competition.To those businesses that have not yet come onboard, Dr Anthony says they are missing a big opportunity.“It’s an investment that no company can go wrong with,Cheap NFL Jerseys,” Anthony declared.

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