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標題: Jerseys From China with the help of the US Military [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1oqr    時間: 6 天前 17:57     標題: Jerseys From China with the help of the US Military

The East La Penitence Health Centre has been equipped with a modern dental chair, new dental staff and rooms to further augment the health centrer for better service to the environs.Present at the Centre,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China, yesterday,China NFL Jerseys, for the handing over ceremony was Lieutenant Colonel Todd Furtado, Minister within the Ministry of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, Principal Dental Surgeon Dr. Johannes Jean, and Director of Regional Health Care, Dr. Narine Singh.According to Minister Ramsaran, the health centre was commissioned on September, 10,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, 2009, has been upgraded with dental services. Previously a dental technician would have visited the health centre periodically to work under improvised conditions. Today, one will be working under vastly improved conditions.He added that the Ministry,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, with the help of the US Military, has expanded the services. He said that the centre initially started with Maternal and Child Health Services. It also allowed for treatment of Chronic Diseases,Wholesale Jerseys China, Visual Inspections,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Treatment and Care for HIV, and other specialized services.  “Services of a good quality are being continuously added by qualified personnel.”Commander of the US Military Liaison office at the Guyana US Embassy, Lieutenant Colonel Todd Furtado, said that the construction battalion incorporated its training to enhance the building by adding more rooms. And the collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the US military has been great.

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