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作者: yueyrt1oqr    時間: 6 天前 20:18     標題: Cheap Jerseys From China actually pay off.And talking bout pay off

When dem boys think that is only de government refusing to accept certain things dem got to think again. Roshan Khan telling de government that he company can’t accept anymore government contract unless de government give dem a top-up.Some security guards use to complain how dem boss hardly paying dem and keeping de money fuh demself. Well de government decide to raise de pay. In short,Cheap NFL jerseys China, it set a new minimum wage and compel  everybody to pay no less than that.Fuh two months de government been meeting wid all dem security guard service and talking bout de new pay. Nobody ain’t complain till dem had to pay de first fortnight wages. Is then dem see that dem profit cut.But dem have some who mekking dem guard come to wuk and then tell dem that dem ain’t got wuk fuh dem. Now de problem is that once someone report fuh duty you got to pay de people,Discount NFL Jerseys, but that ain’t happening.Dem boys seh that it look like if Guyana gun see de end of security guard. Most of dem is women who got children and who dem does got to lef home alone. De guard company threatening to send home all of dem. That is because dem want to pressure de government. That ain’t gun happen because de government got it own problems.And talking bout problems,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping, dem boys seh that things get tight wid dem contract. Gone are the days when dem boys use to see big money to do small things.  Now is small money to do small things. Guyana getting value for money. All de complaining that dem boys do when dem see de rampant thiefing; all de criticism of those who been thiefing; all de exposure because dem boys did find some of de thiefing money; actually pay off.And talking bout pay off,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, dem had a big story in de Elections commission. One commissioner open he mouth and now a man who serve Bharrat faithfully going home. If Bharrat was in power he woulda kick up and object. Even now he vex and he asking Donald to do something.  Dem boys seh that Donald gun fire de Chairman and bruck up de whole commission.Talk half and keep watching dem contract.

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