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….Samad respondsBy Leon SuseranPresident Donald Ramotar has stated that no one forced University of Guyana Berbice Campus (UGBC) Director Professor Daizal R. Samad to resign. The Guyanese leader was pronouncing on the issue for the first time in Berbice on Friday. Prof. Samad announced his resignation with effect October 4,Jerseys Wholesale, 2013, claiming that he could not take the “dictatorial policies” of the Turkeyen Campus. Prof. Samad has said that he cannot run the Berbice campus under the immense pressure he is facing from Turkeyen.President Ramotar stated that no one in the government or the Ministry of Education forced Professor to resign and that what will have to happen now is simply that the UG Council will have to find a replacement. He stated that he was shocked to hear of the Professor’s resignation and assured that there is no tiff between the Government and the Professor. He also said that “no one is indispensable”.“The Government has not asked the goodly professor to resign, nor did they do anything that had pressured him into resigning, the President affirmed. “We have to find a replacement,” he said.When contacted,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, Prof. Samad stated that His Excellency Donald Ramotar is “absolutely right.” “No one in the government of Guyana forced me to resign. Indeed, I have always been thankful for the support from various Ministers of the government…as well as from members of the opposition. To their credit, they have seen first-hand the work that has been done at the University of Guyana Berbice Campus for the last five years.”He added that many ministers, past and current,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys, have visited UGBC and they saw with their own eyes the accomplishments at UGBC,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, including the Surinamese President who “told me publicly that he fell in love with this Campus.”The outgoing Director added that President Ramotar has been very kind to him…so have the officials of Region 6. “So His Excellency is right. He is also right on the mark when he says that no one is indispensable”, he asserted.What is missing, he said, is the Turkeyen connection. “I read in the newspapers that the University Council has struck yet another sub-committee.  Good. But why are we to waste time and energy when we know that which is right and reasonable and logical? They did this in 2005—things continued to fall apart.”“Our progress here at UGBC was accomplished in spite to a rotten system and in spite of the sheer incompetence that prevails at Turkeyen. It takes a great deal of work for the servant to out-perform the master. And make no mistake: UGBC is a servant; and Turkeyen is our master. I find this to be objectionable.“The system at Turkeyen does not work because it cannot work. I honestly think that if I were to be put in charge of Turkeyen,Jerseys From China, I would not be able to duplicate what we have done at UGBC. But I do not see anyone in sight who can even come close”, Samad told this newspaper.UGBC- A WINNING HORSEHe described the UGBC as “a winning horse.”“We have proved that. And the Government and all Berbicians have been greatly supportive and deeply kind. What we are asking the government to do is to give us autonomy or the University of Berbice so that we all can do more for more people. That’s all. I promise for one thing that we shall not be asking for an increase in Tuition”,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, he said.“We have a vision for education at all levels. Give us the chance to implement that vision”, Samad stated.”The accomplishments here are not the work of one man. It is the work of all of us at all levels and in all corners. The private sector has been fully on board. And members of the diaspora have also been on board with all manner of donations”, he said.“I have never been shy about calling Ministers of the Government to ask for help on behalf of our citizens. And almost always that help was given—or they advised me where to go to get help for those who need that help. ““It was our honor to have been of service to so many: the farmers, fishermen, victims of all manner of abuse, all the schools, CPCE, IDCE, the Guyana Police Force.”

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