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A man who claimed that he has reached the end of his cocaine addiction after he carjacked a $3M Toyota Carina, made a stirring apology before he was sentenced by Magistrate Judy Latchman, saying that he was ashamed, repulsed and embarrassed by his actions.Andrew Taylor on January 5 went on what he described as a cocaine-influenced rampage and stole one Toyota Carina Car (PRR 7687) from Ryan Greenidge at La Penitence Public Road, Georgetown.Andrew TaylorConversely, the charge which was initially read to him at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday was one of Robbery with Violence. It detailed that at the time of, immediately after or before he robbed Greenidge of the $3M car, he used personal violence on the man.After the charge was read to him, Taylor addressed the court saying that “I could accept stealing the car but when it comes to violence, there was no such thing. As far as violence goes, I didn’t.”However, Taylor’s tale didn’t end there. “I would also like to say that though I am guilty,China Jerseys Cheap, I was under the influence of cocaine. Due to the amount I ingested, I committed the crime,” he continued.Looking at the complainant (Greenidge) who stood before the Magistrate with both his legs bandaged, Taylor expressed a desire to make amends “I would like to tell the person here that I am sorry and I am willing to work to pay him back.”Though, Taylor had not directly entered a plea, the Magistrate stated that based on his explanations she had entered him into a guilty plea for Robbery Simplitius.Sergeant Vishnu Hunt, who represented the Prosecution in the matter, explained that about 13:00 hours that Sunday (January 5), Greenidge was removing some boxes from the truck of his car when he noticed the engine start up and the car began to move.The owner then observed Taylor seated in the driver’s seat piloting his car and decided to grab onto ride side stanchion between the front and rear doors. He then reportedly attempted to hold onto the car’s steering wheel in an effort to prevent Taylor from taking off with his vehicle.However, Hunt described that this did not deter the carjacker who then dealt Greenidge a cuff to his mouth and continued driving as he dragged the victim.Taylor’s attempt was however cut short when the victim let go of the car and managed to raise an alarm to which public spirited citizens came to his rescue. According to Hunt, amongst the group of persons was a licenced firearm holder who subsequently discharged two rounds in the air as a warning.However, he said that Taylor continued but soon crashed the car, exited and proceeded to run into Fourth Street,Cheap Jerseys, Alexander Village, Georgetown.His escape was however, short-lived as the citizens managed to apprehend him and later handed him over to the police at the East La Penitence Police Station, where charges were later instituted against him. Sergeant Hunt,Wholesale MLB Jerseys, who informed the court that Taylor has had no prior charges or convictions, also added that the car was recovered and later returned to its owner.Taylor at that point claimed that “I didn’t hit nobody. I know the speed I drive off with, but by the time I go off I was frightened. Same time, I was under the influence (of cocaine) so I frighten.”The Magistrate however, offered Greenidge an opportunity to address the court and he said “I’m in a lot of pain. I am in a lot of expense right now and with the injuries I can’t work for months.”A teary Greenidge continued,Wholesale World Cup Jerseys, “My wife is six months pregnant and I have a lot of bills. What can I possibly say?”Meanwhile,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Taylor told the court that he had had a job in the market and also had a few odd jobs, though nothing permanent. He stated that he was never found guilty of any offence.“Madam, I understand you will punish me but I am asking for some mercy. I was under the influence but that’s no excuse. I am sorry and everything now is in the hands of God and in your hands,” a humbled Taylor stated.Magistrate Latchman then considered the situation before her and before handing down her decision said that she considered that Taylor did not waste the court’s time. She said however,wholesale jerseys china, in light of the serious nature and prevalence of the offence as well as the fact that the crime was ‘well planned’ she would sentence him to prison for the next 56 months.

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