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WILLIAMSBURG,Jordan Shoes For Sale, CORENTYNE – The Arya Samaj Humanitarian Mission 2010 ended on Saturday, with the organisation expending some US $30,000 to the needy.Head of the Mission, New Jersey based, Pandit Suresh Sugrim explained that though this aspect has been completed, the local Chapter headed by his brother Dr. Ramesh Sugrim would continue to assist persons in need,“It is heart-rending to see how some people live in Guyana. In Crabwood Creek I met a girl who was badly burnt and begging to make a living. There were families with children who had nothing to eat and no furniture. They sleep on the floor. The children in some cases were hungry and had not eaten for the day. That is sad. We provided groceries, furniture, mattresses and other stuff.”Ismay Spooner and Pandit Sugrim share a momentHe acknowledged that even though poverty would always remain in society, his organisation is striving to satisfy the needs of many persons and has been doing so for the past five years.The major projects for this year are the establishment of a multi-purpose centre on the lower flat of the Port Mourant Vedic Mandir and the construction of the Humanitarian Mission Benevolent Home on the plot of land behind the Mandir. Work began last Wednesday on the centre and is expected to wrap up within two weeks. Upon completion, remedial classes and skill training sessions would be held there.The sod-turning exercise for the Benevolent Home was delayed due to inclement weather and a new date is to be set for September. This facility would be erected at a cost of US$50,000 and caters for senior citizens, the abused, sick persons whose relatives have deserted them and orphans.Last Friday, Pandit Sugrim visited several families along the Corentyne Coast as far as Crabwood Creek and distributed grocery hampers and vouchers, educational supplies as well as coupons and pampered some of them.After the death of Esther Albert in March this year, her two sons – 12-year old Trevor Albert and nine-year old Joel Albert were taken in by their paternal grandmother, 73-year old Zaiboon Neisha Azeez, who lives a few doors away.The 43-year old Esther Albert also known as ‘Kamla’ of Bhanjara Sawmill Dam, Lot One Grant 1803 Crabwood Creek was manually strangled. Her husband Daveanand Albert also known as ‘Brother’ disappeared after the incident.Zaiboon Neisha Azeez spoke of the hardship she faces caring for the two young boys using only the pension she receives.“Me can’t afford fuh send them to school every day. Me nah know where me son (Daveanand Albert) deh, he disappear since she dead. Me ain’t got the death certificate fuh they mother so me nah get help from Government fuh them.”Trevor Albert reportedly attends the Skeldon High School Annexe while Joel attends the Crabwood Primary School. Pandit Sugrim called it a sad affair, the manner in which the children and their grandmother are living and hopes that persons can come forward to assist them as well.At Lot 130 Line Path “B” Village, Moreen Balgrim, a widow, is caring for her three grandchildren after her daughter, 33-year old Anita Balgrim, passed away on June 8.“She dead from the rum,Cheap Jerseys Online, she drink she self to death. Something happen to she liver. I used to talk to she but she nah hear. Me sell chicken foot and so fuh mind them children. She other child (seven-months old) living with me other daughter at Blairmont.”The woman said her daughter was not taking care of the children – 13-year old Duran Kawal lived with his grandmother from birth,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, ten-year old Naresh Kawal, seven-year old Viskash Kawal and seven-month old Alicia Kawal were with their mother.Twenty-year-old Shanti Dasrat and her 10-year-old sister Yogeeta“She never send them children to school but me mek arrangement fuh them go to school and me get voucher fuh uniform.”Pandit Sugrim stoutly believes that women should not allow themselves to become victims of domestic violence, and should stand up for their rights, “When you look around and see how some children have been suffering after losing their mothers as a result of domestic violence I do believe that many of them would be thrown in the pool of poverty and in some cases a few may end up on the wrong side of the law.”“Some men use the illicit drugs,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, or consume alcoholic beverages and this impairs their ability to act or think rationally.Some of them in this state physically abuse their spouse and in the worst case scenario murder them. We all need to come together to fight this ugly monster and ensure that our women and children are safe and well cared for. This is what our Arya Samaj Humanitarian Mission is working to achieve one person at a time.”He observed that many of these children whose mothers were taken from them are left in the care of their grandmothers who are in some instances pensioners and widows. He promised that his team would continue to support these families in terms of vouchers for educational needs and groceries.In some cases the families would be given homes.The Dasrat family at Whim Village is one such. Their 20-year old daughter, Shanti Dasrat is the size of the average eight-year old and her body never matured. The woman responds to nothing, cannot walk or talk and must be cared for like a new born baby. On Friday when Pandit Sugrim and members of his team visited, her parents were not at home and her 12 year old brother Raja Dasrat and 10 year old sister Yogeeta Dasrat were ‘baby-sitting’ her. When she was placed in a tiny plastic chair to sit, she began crying like a baby to remain in arms.The sunshine of the day was the trip to the home of 109-year Ismay Spooner of Corriverton.Pandit Sugrim and Mrs. Spooner embraced for several moments as she sang hymns,NFL Jerseys China, told jokes and recalled stories of yesteryear. She thanked him for the assistance his organisation provides occasionally. She even remembered that his group had given her a radio for her 109th birthday. He promised to provide a monthly hamper for her. “The little time I spent with her is unforgettable. I have found joy and happiness just being in her company. The way she attributes her daily survival to God is amazing. Her memory is excellent for 109. She is contented and does not ask for much. We would continue to make her days happy.”Applications for homes from several families in the low income bracket are being evaluated.Upon approval, the Mission would construct two-bedroom concrete houses valued at US$6,000 for these persons. To become eligible the applicants must own a plot of land and have a steady source of income. They must repay the Mission a total of US$5,Alexis Sanchez Jersey,000 at an interest free rate over a stipulated period of time. The installment would be based on the income. For those who may be – unemployed and in dire need, disabled or a pensioner would automatically qualify for a free home. Pandit Sugrim departed Guyana on Sunday.